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Board of Governors

Members of Board of Governors
Members from Educationalists / Professionalists / Industrialists Dr. Ligi Philip, Professor IIT Madras Chairman BoG Dr. Satish Vasu Kailas, IISc Bangalore (Government nominee) Shri. Anil Warrier, Vice President SAP Labs (Government nominee from industry)
Member nominated by AICTE Dr. Ramesh Krishnan, Regional Director, AICTE SWRO, Trivandrum
State Government official Joint Secretary, Finance Department, Government of Kerala.
Additional Secretary, Higher Education (G& J) Department, Government of Kerala.
Member nominated by University Dr. Vrinda V Nair, Dean Research, APJAK Kerala Technological University
Institutional nominee Dr. N. Saji Kumar, Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering.
Dr. M. Nandakumar, Professor, Dept. of Elecrical Engineering.
Ex- Officio Member & Director of Technical Education Prof. Dr. K. P. Indiradevi
Ex- Officio Member & Director of SPFU, Trivandrum Prof. Dr. K. Najeeb
Member Secretary & Principal of the College Prof. Dr. V.S. Sheeba